Meet Kate

The owner and creator who personally makes each and every order lovingly by hand. Wyld Terra started as a creative outlet for Kate in 2021, when she had a deep desire to create more with her hands. And now that creative experiment has turned into a flourishing business.

Wyld Terra, or "wild earth" is a jewelry brand that creates hand crafted beaded and gemstone jewelry that is inspired by the places on our earth that are still wyld.

Each piece of jewelry is made by hand in Kate's home studio in Bend, OR. Kate prides herself on using high quality materials that are ethically sourced.

From the first bead, to the last piece of packaging, celebrating and supporting Mother Earth is top of mind at Wyld Terra.

"I hope all of the beautiful products I create here at Wyld Terra, nurture your wyld soul and inspire you to get outside and immerse yourself in the beautiful places on our planet that are still wyld." -Kate <3